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Select, Find and Prepare for Information Technology (IT) Careers and Jobs - all on one page

This page will take you through 4 steps to (1) Select an Information Technology (IT) career, (2) Find active IT job listings (can opt in to receive job listings daily), (3) Prepare for an IT career, and (4) Provide IT job-specific resources.

Step 1: Select a Job: You will be presented with a listing of Information Technology (IT) careers/jobs. The list may be quite long. There are two ways you might like to use this list:
1) Filter - As you enter a word, you will filter (limit) the list of careers and jobs below
2) Browse the list (Don't Filter) - You can simply browse the list of careers and jobs. There may be many that you might never have considered. This may help you to discover jobs that might be of interest.

Once you have identified an occupation of interest, simply click on it.

Step 2: Find a Job: After you have selected a job above, you will see current jobs listings. You can change the location, distance from location and recency as you wish. Each of the listings will link to a current job opening.

Job listings (based on your criteria) can be sent daily to your inbox, so you always have access to the latest opportunities. Complete the short form to start - you can opt out anytime.

Step 3: Prepare For a Job: In this section you will see one or more links to a career that is usually a bit more general than your initial selection. The link(s) is directly related to the specific job you identified through your prior selections.
*NOTE: It is possible that there may not be a career path identified for the specific job you selected in Step 2. If this is the case, scroll up the page and click on a different job.

Click on a link and you will gain access to detailed information to help you prepare for a career in this field. Information includes core and supplemental duties, general and specific work activities, knowledge required, skills required, preparation required, educational requirements, work experience required, local salary information, certifications, current job listings for the job selected along with multiple similar job titles, occupations with similar capabilities and interests (starting a career), and occupations with similar skills and Experience (changing a career).

Step 4: Job-Specific Resources (detailed and constantly updated): Continue to scroll down the page and you will find tabs that will provide detailed (updated) links to occupational information specific to the Job you selected. This information includes:
Videos: Provides a listing of video links related to this career. A great way to get a quick overview of the occupation.
Resumes: Sources for resume materials and techniques. This can help to get you started.
Job Description: Sources that provide job descriptions, which are vital to resume and interview preparation.
Interviews: Provides links that can help you to prepare for and successfully complete the job interview.
Salary Data: Sources that can provide detailed salary and wage data.
Jobs: Directs to job banks and resources. There are many options available to identify job openings.
Classifieds: Provides links to job classifieds, often broken down by specific industry.
Step by Step: Provides links to resources that can help to organize the career search process.
Career Change: There are many issues involved when planning a career change process, and these resources will help.
LinkedIn: One of the best professional social media sites that provides links, opportunities, and networking specifically for careers and career development.

1) Select a Job

Scroll through the picklist (below). These are jobs related to the Information Technology profession. 358 specific Information Technology (IT) careers and jobs are listed. Select those that may be of interest - you will get links to active job listings for that specific occupation, and detailed resources to help you prepare a career path (ladder).
You can use this form two ways:

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Filter - As you enter a keyword, you will filter (limit) the list of careers and jobs below

Browse the list (Don't Filter) - You can simply browse the list of careers and jobs. There may be many that you might never have considered. This may help you to discover jobs that might be of interest.

Enter a Keyword (filter the list below)
OR - leave blank and scroll through the choices:

Select a Job Title (scroll and Select) :

.NET Programmer
Account Information Clerk
Analyst Programmer
Analytical Data Miner
Aoc Information Operations Staff Officer
Application Programmer
Applications Programmer
Automatic Data Processing Customer Liaison (ADP Customer Liaison)
Automatic Data Processing Planner
Automatic Data Processing Planner (ADP Planner)
Automatic Data Processing Systems Security Specialist (ADP Systems Security)
Automobile Club Information Clerk
Biofuels Data Scientist
Business Data Analyst
Business Database Analyst
Business Programmer
Carrier Airborne Combat Information Center Officer
Certified EPIC Trainer (Certified Electronic Privacy Information Center Trainer)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
Client Server Programmer
Clinical Data Abstractor
Clinical Data Analyst
Clinical Data Coordinator
Clinical Data Management Associate Director (CDM Associate Director)
Clinical Data Management Director (CDM Management Director)
Clinical Data Management Manager (CDM Manager)
Clinical Data Manager
Clinical Data Specialist
Clinical Trials Data Coordinator
Combat Information Center Officer
Computer Game Programmer
Computer Network Engineer
Computer Network Specialist
Computer Network Support Specialist
Computer Networker
Computer Programmer
Computer Programming Manager
Computer Security Information Specialist
Computer Systems Information Director
Controls Programmer
Cryptologic Digital Network Technician/Analyst
Cryptologic Digital Network Technician/Analyst (Officer)
Customer Data Technician
Cyber Information Security Analyst
Data Abstractor
Data Acquisition Technician
Data Administrator
Data Analysis Assistant
Data Analysis Clerk
Data Analyst
Data Analytic Scientist
Data Analytics Chief Scientist
Data Analytics Specialist
Data Architect
Data Base Design Analyst
Data Capture Clerk
Data Capture Specialist
Data Center Manager
Data Center Product Director
Data Center Technician
Data Coder Operator
Data Collection Associate
Data Collection Specialist
Data Collector
Data Communications Analyst
Data Communications Technician
Data Compiler
Data Consultant
Data Control Assistant
Data Control Clerk Supervisor
Data Coordinator
Data Curator
Data Deliverables Manager
Data Economist
Data Editing Clerk
Data Engineer
Data Entry Associate
Data Entry Clerk
Data Entry Email Processor
Data Entry Machine Operator
Data Entry Operator
Data Entry Representative
Data Entry Specialist
Data Entry Supervisor
Data Entry Technician
Data Examination Clerk
Data Input Clerk
Data Keyer
Data Management Associate
Data Management Manager
Data Management Scientist
Data Management Specialist
Data Manager
Data Mapper
Data Miner
Data Mining Analyst
Data Modeler
Data Modeling Specialist
Data Officer
Data Operations Director
Data Processing Auditor
Data Processing Clerk
Data Processing Consultant
Data Processing Control Clerk
Data Processing Equipment Repairer
Data Processing Manager
Data Processing Mechanic
Data Processing Supervisor
Data Processing Systems Analyst
Data Processing Systems Consultant
Data Processing Systems Project Planner
Data Processor
Data Recovery Planner
Data Reduction Technician
Data Reviewer
Data Science Engineer
Data Scientist
Data Specialist
Data Storage Specialist
Data Systems Manager
Data Technician
Data Transcriber
Data Typist
Data Visualization Developer
Data Warehouse Analyst
Data Warehouse Architect
Data Warehouse Developer
Data Warehouse Engineer
Data Warehouse Solution Architect
Data Warehouse Specialist
Data Warehousing Engineer
Data Warehousing Specialist
Data Wrangler
Database Administration Associate
Database Administration Manager
Database Administration Project Manager
Database Administrator (DBA)
Database Analyst
Database Architect
Database Consultant
Database Coordinator
Database Design Analyst
Database Designer
Database Developer
Database Development Project Manager
Database Engineer
Database Management System Specialist (DBMS Specialist)
Database Manager
Database Modeler
Database Programmer
Database Security Administrator
Database Security Expert
Database Software Technician
Database Specialist
Database Technician
Database Tester
Databases Computer Consultant
Databases Software Consultant
EDP System Engineer (Electronic Data Processing System Engineer)
Educational Programming Director
Electronic Data Interchange System Developer (EDI System Developer)
Engineering and Scientific Programmer
Engineering Programmer
Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data System Specialist
Field Data Technician
Flight Data Technician
Flight Information Expediter
Flight Test Data Acquisition Technician
Game Programmer
Geodetic Information Specialist
Geographic Information System Analyst (GIS Analyst)
Geographic Information System Surveyor (GIS Surveyor)
Geographical Information System Specialist (GIS Specialist)
Geographical Information System Technician (GIS Technician)
Geospatial Information Technologist
GPS Field Data Collector (Global Positioning System Field Data Collector)
Health Data Analyst
Health Information Administrator
Health Information Clerk
Health Information Coder
Health Information Management Business Analyst
Health Information Management Corporate Director
Health Information Management Data Analyst
Health Information Management Director
Health Information Management Hospital Coder (HIM Hospital Coder)
Health Information Management Inpatient Coding Auditor (HIM Inpatient Coding Auditor)
Health Information Management Technician (HIM Tech)
Health Information Manager
Health Information Managers
Health Information Provider
Health Information Specialist
Health Information Technician (Health Information Tech)
Health Services Information Specialist
Healthcare Data Analyst
Information Analyst
Information Architect
Information Assistant
Information Assurance Analyst
Information Assurance Engineer
Information Center Supervisor
Information Clerk Brokerage
Information Clerk Cashier
Information Developer
Information Director
Information Engineer
Information Management Officer
Information Modeling Engineer Specialist
Information Operator
Information Receptionist
Information Scientist
Information Security Administrator
Information Security Analyst
Information Security Architect
Information Security Assessor
Information Security Consultant
Information Security Engineer
Information Security Loss Prevention Engineer
Information Security Management Engineer
Information Security Manager
Information Security Officer
Information Security Specialist
Information Services Manager
Information Specialist
Information Support Project Manager
Information Transport Systems Technician
Information Writer
Internet Database Specialist
Internet Network Specialist
Internet Programmer
Internetworking Technician
Java Programmer
LAN Specialist (Local Area Network Specialist)
LAN Support Specialist (Local Area Network Support Specialist)
Land Leasing Information Clerk
Local Area Network Administrator (LAN Administrator)
Local Area Network Systems Administrator (LAN Systems Administrator)
Log Data Technician
Mainframe Programmer
Mainframe Systems Programmer
Marketing Database Analyst
Medical Data Analyst
Metal Numerical Control Programmer
Metal Numerical Tool Programmer
Micro Computer Data Processor
Naval Tactical Data System--Combat Information Center Officer
Naval Tactical Data System--Combat Information Center Watch Officer, Carrier Controlled Approach Controller
Naval Tactical Data System--Combat Information Center Watch Officer, General
Network Administrator
Network Analyst
Network and Infrastructure Engineer
Network and Security Engineer
Network and Threat Support Specialist
Network Applications Specialist
Network Architect
Network Cable Installer
Network Cabler
Network Consultant
Network Contractor
Network Coordinator
Network Designer
Network Desktop Support Specialist
Network Developer
Network Diagnostic Support Specialist
Network Director
Network Engineer
Network Intelligence Analyst
Network Intelligence Analyst Superintendent
Network Management Specialist
Network Manager
Network Operations Analyst
Network Operations Center Technician
Network Operations Project Manager
Network Operations Specialist
Network Security Administrator
Network Security Analyst
Network Security Engineer
Network Security Officer
Network Security Tester
Network Services Project Manager
Network Specialist
Network Support Administrator
Network Support Coordinator
Network Support Manager
Network Support Specialist
Network Support Technician
Network Systems Administrator
Network Systems Analyst
Network Systems Consultant
Network Systems Coordinator
Network Systems Integrator
Network Technical Analyst
Network Technician
Network Workstation Technical Specialist
Networking Administrator
Networking Engineer
Networking Specialist
Networking Systems and Distributed Systems Engineer
Networks Computer Consultant
NOC Engineer (Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineer)
NOC Engineer (Network Operations Center Engineer)
Numerical Tool Programmer
Object-Oriented Programmer
Operating System Programmer
Operations Officer, Afloat (Naval Tactical Data Systems)
Pattern Maker Programmer
Personal Computer Network Analyst
Personal Computer Network Engineer
Plastic Numerical Tool and Process Control Programmer
Policyholder Information Clerk
Process Control Programmer
Programming and Software Development Project Manager
Programming Development Project Manager
Programming Director
Programming Equipment Operator
Programming Methodology Researcher
Public Information Director
Public Information Officer
Public Information Relations Manager
Public Information Specialist
Radio Service Programmer
Records and Information Manager
Recreation Programmer
Reference Data Expert
Referral and Information Aide
Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT)
Release of Information Specialist
Robot Programmer
SAS Programmer
SCADA Operator (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Operator)
SCADA Technician (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Technician)
Scientific Database Curator
Sheet Metal Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Programmer
Sheet Metal Computer Numerically Controlled Programmer
Software Programmer
Staff Combat Information Center Officer
Staff Readiness Officer (Combat Information Center)
Statistical Programmer
Survey Data Technician
Systems Programmer
Target Network Analyst
Telephone Information Clerk
Telephone Information Supervisor
Tourist Information Assistant
Travel Information Center Supervisor
Video Game Programmer
Voice and Data Technician
VoIP Network Technician
WAN Support Specialist (Wide Area Network Support Specialist)
Web Applications Programmer
Web Programmer
Website Programmer
Wide Area Network Administrator (WAN Administrator)
Wide Area Network Engineer (WAN Engineer)
Wide Area Network Systems Administrator (WAN Systems Administrator)

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