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explore international trade occupations and jobs

With this method you will utilize the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) credential as a framework for career exploration. Occupations can be examined by selecting a general domain and then drilling down into tasks and related career choices.

Please select a general area of interest below (one of four CGBP Domains). This will lead you to specific international trade tasks. Please select the tasks that interest you, which will lead you to resources with related careers. You will find job titles related to that CGBP credential item, as well as details of what those jobs entail - daily tasks, technology skills, tools used, knowledge requirements, general skills, general abilities, general work activities, detailed work activities, work context, education/experience requirements, degree/credential requirements, interests, work styles, work values, wages and employment trends, job openings and sources for additional information. Links to active job listings will also appear.

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