Page 10 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       southern California business respondents polled expressed a need for training

                       at the California community colleges.  The course selected by 67 percent as

                       being useful to employees was International Marketing.  The conclusions of this

                       study did not reveal any insight about which skills were needed to be effective in

                       international marketing.  There remained a need to identify skills needed to be

                       effective in international marketing.

                              Since the vast majority of international marketing studies involve context-

                       specific knowledge because markets and cultures are widely disparate across

                       countries (Myers, Greyser, and Massey 1979), general skills for effective

                       international marketing have not been identified.  As Graham and Grønhaug

                       (1989) say, this may be why not much has been learned about international

                       marketing in the last twenty-five years,

                           Business schools have recently been accused of teaching irrelevant topics
                           as well as doing inadequate research . . . Doctoral dissertations are the
                           keystone of knowledge development in marketing . . . Because theories of
                           international marketing are not well formed, a more exploratory approach,
                           rather than a confirmatory one, will often be appropriate.  (153-165)

                              The conclusion of this study is that research should pursue an exploratory

                       approach to building knowledge in international marketing.  Research identifying

                       the skills needed to be effective in international marketing may, in fact, create

                       the progressive portfolio of skills needed to cut across context-specific

                       knowledge and themes effectively.  A progressive portfolio of international

                       marketing skills would allow employees to accumulate skills that help them

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