Page 103 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       For that reason, the recommendations made for further research focus on

                       additional studies that might refine the results of this study.

                              1.  A study should be conducted to determine which tasks are required to

                       effectively perform the top training priorities as concluded from this study.  Tasks

                       should be delineated in the form of skill standards, with simplified checklists to

                       determine training content, and level of competency.

                              2.  A study should be conducted to determine the content for specific

                       international marketing training modules as they relate to specific standard

                       industrial classification (SIC) codes.  Study results should produce training

                       modules with additional refinements and specific skills relative to the specific

                       training needs for each industry sector.

                              3.  A study should be conducted to determine the degree to which actively

                       exporting companies have the ability to correctly assess the extent their

                       employees possess various international marketing skills, using the proposed

                       assessment instrument.  Emphasis should be placed upon the extension of the

                       proposed assessment instrument and its validation as an accurate, yet practical,

                       assessment tool and method that could easily be self-administered by most


                              4.  A study should be conducted to determine the extent that outsourcing

                       options exist relative to each of the skills identified for effective international

                       marketing.  Outsourcing options extend the international marketing skill base of

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