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Appendix A

                                            Delphi Participant Profiles

          District Export Council (DEC) Participants:
          1.     Roberta L. Best – CEO, Romac Export Management Corp.
          2.     Susan D. Corrales-Diaz – President, Systems Integrated
          3.     John Douglas – CEO, Trace Worldwide Corp.
          4.     Stanley W. Epstein – Steward Davis International
          5.     William F. Gavitt – President,  VSI Catalog Communications, International
          6.     Jana Goldsworthy de Ruyter – Trade Manager, California Central Coast World Trade Center
          7.     Michael R. Granat – President, Amtrade International Group
          8.     Viola M. Koch – President, VK International Consultants, Inc.
          9.     Paul W. Leinenbach – Self employed
          10.    Gladys Moreau – Director, Export Small Business Development Center
          11.    James C. Newton – Director, California Export Finance Office
          12.    Richard A. Powell – President, International Marketing Associates
          13.    Allan C. Russo – Vice President, KH Industries (U.K.) Ltd.
          14.    Mary J. Slifer – Regional Manager, Export-Import Bank of the United States
          15.    Janet Wells – President, Insta Graphic Systems
          16.    Sherrie E. Zhan – President, Baldwin Sai Bei Co.

          Academician Participants:
          1.     Dr. Peter Banting – Professor of Marketing, McMaster University
          2.     Dr. Helena Czepiec – Professor, International Business and Marketing, California State Polytechnic
                 University, Pomona
          3.     Dr. Peter Hackbert – Associate Professor, National University
          4.     Dr. Frederick Hoyt – Associate Professor of Marketing, Illinois Wesleyan University
          5.     Dr. Adam Koch – School of Management, Swinburne University of Technology
          6.     Dr. Irene Lange – Chair of Marketing and International Business, California State University,
          7.     Dr. Jim McCulloch – Chair Department of Marketing and Professor, Washington State University
          8.     Dr. Michael Mullen – Associate Professor and Director Center for International Business and Trade,
                 Florida Atlantic University
          9.     Dr. Alfred Quinton – Professor of Marketing and International Business, The College of New Jersey
          10.    Dr. Massoud Saghafi – Professor of Marketing, San Diego State University
          11.    Dr. Vernon Stauble – Chair Department of International Business and Management, California State
                 Polytechnic University, Pomona
          12.    Dr. Robert Tamilia – Professor ecole des sciences de la gestion, University of Quebec at Montreal
          13.    Dr. Donna Tillman – Professor, International Business and Marketing, California State Polytechnic
                 University, Pomona
          14.    Dr. Murray Young – Professor Business Administration, Bethel College

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