Page 106 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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Appendix B

                                INTERNATIONAL MARKETING STUDY


     The purpose of this survey is to:

     1]    determine which skills are needed for effective international marketing
     2]    attach a level of importance to each of the identified skills

     Data Collection

     This survey will be circulated three times, each for a unique purpose:

     Round 1 -  Gets your recommendations for additional skills

     Round 2 - Gets your response concerning the degree of importance for each skill
                 You are encouraged to be candid in your responses.

     Round 3 - Shows you the average rating of all DEC members, your individual rating, and the innerquartile range (the
                 middle 50 percent - central tendency of all panelists).  It then asks you if you want to change any of your

     This research will assist the international trade community to develop new training programs.  To get full benefit from
     this process, it is vital that all three rounds are completed by all participants.  Each round should take around
     twenty minutes.  Round 1 will be completed personally at the quarterly DEC meeting.  Rounds 2 and 3 will be
     completed by either fax or mail, depending upon your preference.

     The Scaling Device

     You will be asked to rate the degree of importance for each skill.  A scale from 1 (Unimportant) through to 8 (Very
     Important) will be used.


     Your responses will remain strictly confidential.  We encourage you to be candid in your responses.

     Study Findings

     The findings of this study will be shared with DEC members.  We believe that this survey will provide information
     which will assist us to enhance international marketing training in Southern California.

                                                     © 1998 Ralph Jagodka
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