Page 115 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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Appendix D

                                             DELPHI INSTRUMENT
                                                  ROUND THREE


     1]   This is the first part of a study looking at training needs in the field of international marketing.
          The objective of this Delphi study is to try to reach consensus among DEC members regarding the
          importance of various international marketing skills.  Practicing international marketers will be
          surveyed regarding the degree to which they possess these skills.  Training needs will be
          determined by looking at the importance ratings relative to the degree that each skill is possessed
          within industry.

     2]   Please READ  THE RATINGS  for each SKILL to gain feedback concerning:

          X     =     Where you put your rating
          M     =     The mean (average) rating from all panelists
          (  ) =      The innerquartile rating (middle 50% - central tendency of all raters)

     3]   RERATE EACH SKILL by circling the appropriate number. You should feel free to keep your
          rating as previously recorded or to change it.  Please remember that we are trying to reach
          consensus among DEC members as you rate these items.
          (1 “Unimportant” through 8 “Very Important”)

     4]   If any of your ratings are outside the innerquartile range, please indicate why.

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