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                       important marketing mix activity.  This reflects a major shift in emphasis

                       regarding the importance of various types of skills—from certain skills being

                       needed primarily by employees within the marketing function, to certain skills

                       now being needed by all employees whose work affects customers, which

                       "involves almost everyone in the business" (Hiam and Schewe 1992, 19).

                              Disparate emphasis on the importance of various types of international

                       marketing skills continues in recent literature and studies.  The switch in

                       emphasis to personal skills is reflected by other recent literature as well.  "A

                       company's ability to conduct business in global markets depends primarily on

                       how closely the skills of its personnel match the opportunities present in the

                       market" (Dahringer and Mühlbacher 1991, 204).  International marketing is

                       viewed as a system of interacting and interrelated activities which requires

                       multifunctional skills, according to Albaum et al. (1994).

                              Levels of importance attached to types of experience, personal

                       qualities, and skills needed for effective international marketing may also be

                       based on a description of the ideal candidate for an international marketing


                           He or she should be recognized as a "comer," as a well-rounded
                           businessperson who has built a monument on each of his or her jobs; may
                           have worked in more than one function and has shown expertise in each; is
                           bright, inquiring, and interested; knows the Global Enterprise Company and
                           how to use its strengths both domestically and offshore; is an authority on
                           his or her product lines; is the kind of person who might conceivably develop
                           into general managership, since he or she will be pioneering and

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