Page 13 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                           establishing a new business in oftentimes an unfamiliar market area.
                           (Keegan 1989, 708)

                              Skills needed to be effective in international marketing may encompass

                       more than just the technical skills needed on the job.  According to Michael S.

                       Schell, president of Windham International, a New York-based global relocation-

                       management company,

                            Expatriate assignments rarely fail because the person cannot
                            accommodate to the technical demands of the job.  The expatriate
                            selections are made by line managers based on technical competence.
                            They fail because of family and personal issues and lack of cultural skills
                            that haven’t been part of the process.  (Solomon 1994, 52)

                              Given the distinct opinions regarding skills needed for effective

                       international marketing, there is a need, therefore, for international marketing

                       experts, both accomplished international marketers and academic researchers to

                       determine the importance of each of the skills identified as being needed for

                       effective international marketing.

                              The need exists not only to identify the skills necessary for effective

                       international marketing and determine the importance of each of these skills, but

                       also to pragmatically identify the degree to which employees have these skills.

                       A need exists to identify the extent to which employees perceive that they have

                       the identified skills.  These skills encompass more than just the technical

                       aspects of international marketing.  A means of identifying the gap between the

                       skills these employees have and the skills they need, and an understanding of

                       this gap is required before appropriate training programs can be developed.

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