Page 15 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       of a rapidly changing global economy.  Second, this research indicates the level

                       of importance attached to each of the identified skills, which identifies high-need

                       areas.  Third, it provides information on the degree to which employees in

                       exporting companies typically have these skills.  Finally, if there is a gap

                       between the skills employees in exporting companies have and the skills they

                       need to be effective in international marketing, the study will provide information

                       on types of training modules needed to develop the skills identified as


                              Much research has been completed regarding general international

                       business training needs.  However, the studies have been limited to the

                       identification of course selection priorities, which indicate skill bundles.  The

                       results of such studies have consistently shown that the general field of

                       international marketing is perceived to be a high priority for employee training.

                       Answers to the research questions listed above will pinpoint specific skill areas

                       which may be included within the general course description of international

                       marketing.  It will add to the body of knowledge regarding the general area of

                       international marketing by delineating specific skills needed for effective

                       international marketing, thus it will contribute to both the study of international

                       marketing as well as practical application for training needs.

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