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                       functions of domestic and international marketing are the same, but concede

                       that "the international marketing manager’s task is [more] complex" (474).

                              There is a substantial difference between domestic and international

                       marketing, according to Monye (1995), which is perceived not to be with different

                       concepts of marketing, so much as with the environment within which marketing

                       must be implemented.  He concedes that not all scholars accept that

                       international marketing is sufficiently different than basic marketing.  He further


                            There is a growing realization that unlike domestic marketing, international
                            marketing management is the process of anticipating, identifying, planning
                            and the management of resources in such a way that maximizes customer
                            satisfaction in multinational, multicultural and multilinguistic environments
                            for profit and growth.  (13)

                              Albaum and Peterson (1984) have stated that the "investigation of

                       international marketing phenomena has lagged considerably behind that of

                       domestic marketing phenomena" (161).  Progress, however, has evidently been

                       made in this direction because "the capacity to provide education in the

                       international dimensions of specific functional fields has been enhanced

                       dramatically" (Kwok, Arpan, and Folks 1994, 620).  Voght and Schaub (1992)

                       point out:

                            Most American professionals, whether in business, government, medicine,
                            law, or other fields, lack the basic skills needed to cultivate working
                            relationships with colleagues in foreign countries and do not have easy
                            access to new ideas and developments from abroad.  (1)

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