Page 22 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       This seems to support the need for increased emphasis on education and

                       training within the specific field of international marketing.  This need for training

                       is vital because "a command of the elements of international marketing will be

                       essential in the decades to come" (Czinkota, Ronkainen, and Tarrant 1995, 6).

                                     The Need for Training in International Marketing Skills

                              After searching the literature, there seemed to be no studies regarding

                       identification of the specific skills needed to be effective in international

                       marketing.  The literature did contain four studies which determined perceptions

                       regarding the need for specific types of international trade training (Busche and

                       Bergerud 1990; Scott 1989; Kotabe and Czinkota 1992; and Monye 1995).  Each

                       of these studies concluded that international marketing was a priority area of

                       need for international business training.

                              Busche and Bergerud (1990) received responses from 700 hundred

                       California businesses, and found that 539 respondents (77 percent) indicated a

                       need for hiring people with international trade training.  Respondents indicated a

                       strong preference for international marketing training topics: negotiating with

                       foreign business people (85.1 percent); international relations (76.7 percent);

                       research on foreign markets (68.1 percent); working through agents and

                       distributors (62.9 percent); how to find and analyze data on foreign markets

                       (62.9 percent); and export marketing know-how (61.9 percent).  These topics

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