Page 23 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       were mixtures of both skill sets and areas for knowledge acquisition, yet clearly

                       identified the general area of international marketing as a priority training


                              Scott (1989) concurred with the identification of international marketing as

                       a topic deserving training priority, after having polled 238 southern California

                       businesses.  A total of 199 respondents (84 percent) expressed a need for

                       expanded employee knowledge and skills related to international business.  The

                       community college course selected by 133 respondents (55.9 percent), and

                       ranked top on the list as being most useful to employees, was international


                              Kotabe and Czinkota (1992) completed a study of 450 exporting

                       manufacturers with 162 usable responses (36 percent).  Respondents were

                       categorized according to stages of export involvement: stage 1 (partial interest in

                       exporting n=51); stage 2 (exploring exports n=61); stage 3 (experimental

                       exporter n=17); stage 4 (experienced exporter with limited scope n=8); and stage

                       5 (experienced exporter n=25).  Seven elements were identified within export

                       procedural expertise, which consisted of international marketing factors:

                       (1) overseas shipping and transportation arrangement; (2) how to structure

                       transactions to ensure payment from abroad; (3) identification of foreign demand

                       for products; (4) regulations and paperwork for foreign marketing;

                       (5) international marketing services available from public and private sources;

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