Page 25 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                              There was also the apparent need to provide courses that develop

                       specific international marketing expertise that businesses demand, based on the

                       concept of usable rather than reproducible knowledge (Moyne 1995).

                              The conclusions of these studies, however, did not reveal any insight

                       about which skills were needed to be effective in international marketing.  Two

                       recent studies (Tobin 1993; and Lundstrom, White, and Schuster 1996)

                       surveyed industry to determine which marketing or international skills were most

                       important for graduates of selected educational institutions to attain.

                              Tobin (1993) received responses from fifty-four personnel directors, or 91

                       percent of the businesses located in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania,

                       regarding their perceptions on the adequacy of marketing education.  Twenty-

                       two directors (40.7 percent) recommended that the colleges review their

                       curriculum "to keep pace with the business world" (Tobin 1993, 96).  These

                       responses led Tobin (1993) to recommend that curriculum planners should

                       include courses encompassing "skills and competencies perceived [by industry]

                       as essential or as important content for college-level marketing programs" (127).

                       This study covered the broad field of marketing, yet because of globalization and

                       a rapidly changing marketing environment, it recommended future research that

                       would involve a comparison of the perceptions of educators and industry

                       practitioners as to "the value of selected tasks, skills, and competencies in

                       specific areas of marketing" (Tobin 1993, 129).

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