Page 27 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       communication (4.036).  These skills seemed to represent a mixture of general

                       marketing and international marketing skills; however, five of the eight highest-

                       rated skills were related to the field of international marketing.  The study

                       seemed problematic in that there were apparently no selection criteria to qualify

                       participants as international marketing experts, other than their inclusion as

                       "professional members of the American Marketing Association (AMA) who had

                       selected international marketing as their major areas of interest or expertise"

                       (Lundstrom, White, and Schuster 1996, 6).

                              The conclusion that "students, should, therefore, possess the tools

                       needed for marketing on an international level" (Lundstrom, White, and Schuster

                       1996, 13), and the conclusion that "competencies in specific areas of marketing

                       [be further explored]" (Tobin 1993, 129), seemed to collaboratively indicate the

                       strong continuing need to identify the specific skills needed to be effective in

                       international marketing.


                              The literature clearly evidenced that the business environment in the

                       1990s is characterized by globalization forces.  It was also shown that American

                       firms have increasingly placed priority attention into the international arena to

                       respond to global competition.  The field of international marketing has been

                       covered widely in the literature, yet disparate, and sometimes conflictory,

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