Page 30 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       scholarly literature.  The result of the consensual validation was a list of twenty-

                       four skills, which were validated across thirty-five authors.  Each of the skills was

                       extracted from the available scholarly literature and was validated across

                       multiple sources.  The skill categories, and the skills identified within them, are

                       presented in table 1.

                                                 Planning and Operational Skills

                       Skill 1.  Ability to Write an
                       International Marketing Plan

                              "If one considers the potential exposure to import penetration, more than

                       70 percent of goods now operate in an international marketplace" which implies

                       that "every organization must now formulate strategies [and develop plans]

                       within a global context" (MacCormack, Newman, and Rosenfield 1994, 69).  The

                       dynamics of the international marketplace "will threaten the existence of those

                       firms that simply respond as they always have, by continuing on their way and

                       trying to 'roll with the punches'" (Lazer et al. 1990, 228), and require that firms

                       develop the ability to plan international marketing objectives, goals, milestones,

                       and devise strategies.  International marketing plans "should strike a balance

                       between the needs of the marketing mix (sales force effort, advertising, product

                       quality, service), business functions (manufacturing, finance, marketing), and the

                       external system (customers, distributors, suppliers) from the vantage point of

                       profit" (Kotler 1977, 71).

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