Page 31 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                        Table 1.  Categories of Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing, and the Respective
                                                  Skills Identified from the Literature

                        Skill Category              Skill – The ability to:
                        Planning and                  1.  Write an international marketing plan
                           operational skills         2.  Conduct a global competitive analysis
                                                      3.  Design a management information system
                                                      4.  Develop insights concerning foreign individual and group
                                                        buying behaviors
                                                      5.  Assess international marketing training needs
                                                      6.  Adapt to foreign business practices and protocol
                                                      7.  Communicate clearly with others when English is not their
                                                        first language
                                                      8.  Speak a foreign language
                                                      9.  Analyze foreign market shares
                                                    10.  Assess foreign market legal environment implications
                                                    11.  Analyze import/export government regulations (costs/risks)
                                                    12.  Ability to analyze human resource tasks and design
                                                        appropriate organizational structure
                                                    13.  Segment international markets
                                                    14.  Evaluate the effectiveness of your international marketing
                        Pricing skills              15.  Set overall pricing for international markets
                                                    16.  Forecast profits and revenue related to international
                                                    17.  Use appropriate trade financing programs (EXIM, SBA,

                        Product skills              18.  Assess suitability of your products to foreign markets
                                                    19.  Devise international branding strategies

                        Distribution skills         20.  Use appropriate foreign market entry alternatives
                                                    21.  Select, recruit, compensate, and manage an international
                                                        sales force
                                                    22.  Balance between distribution efficiency and distribution

                        Promotion skills            23.  Select appropriate promotional mix
                                                    24.  Select appropriate international advertising agency

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