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                       Skill 2.  Ability to Conduct a Global
                       Competitive Analysis

                            Examining changes in competitive environments has important strategic

                       implications, according to Kotler, Gregor, and Rodgers (1989).  According to

                       Lazer et al. (1990), leading-edge marketing implies being on the forefront of

                       creative changes by being well apprised of competitive capabilities.  "Dizzying

                       advances in technology and intense competition create rapid changes in

                       competitive offerings" (Cravens, Shipp, and Cravens 1994, 20), which result in

                       the critical need for a rapid response.  This may only be made possible when

                       rapid competitive scanning abilities are developed within the firm.  Focus needs

                       to be maintained during completion of this task because "managers should

                       assess the degree to which the business strategy requires leading performance

                       [relative to the competition] in each of four areas: cost, quality, innovation (time-

                       to-market), and flexibility" (MacCormack, Newman, and Rosenfield 1994, 75).

                       Truly, the ability to conduct a global competitive analysis should be considered

                       an essential skill.

                       Skill 3.  Ability to Design a
                       Management Information System

                            "Firms that are capable of learning and disseminating knowledge faster

                       than their competitors will achieve superior performance" (MacCormack,

                       Newman, and Rosenfield 1994, 74).  The ability to analyze information systems

                       and intelligence needs has strategic relevance.  "Increasingly advanced

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