Page 34 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       marketing management's role continues into the twenty-first century, when we

                       will see "marketing approaches that focus more on people and their concerns"

                       (Lazer et al. 1990, 220).  The multicultural behavioral impacts on business

                       strategy are immense.

                       Skill 5.  Ability to Assess International
                       Marketing Training Needs

                            In a period with rapid technologic and market changes, "employees must be

                       more highly skilled than the factory worker of a generation ago" (MacCormack,

                       Newman, and Rosenfield 1994, 73), which will require emphasis on the ability to

                       assess current and future training needs.  An important continuing function,

                       especially in a rapidly changing dynamic global environment, is the assessment

                       of "skills that will be required and implementing training programs to achieve

                       them" (Lazer et al. 1990, 226).

                            Training needs must be assessed at all global locations. "In order to

                       effectively deal abroad, expatriates have to understand business and cultural

                       practices" (Solomon 1994, 54), which underscores the importance of the ability

                       to assess international marketing training and support needs.

                       Skill 6.  Ability to Adapt to Foreign
                       Business Practices and Protocol

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