Page 35 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                            With increased global involvement by most firms, skills must be developed

                       to deal effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Employees

                       will need to:

                            Be broad-minded and have an international attitude with a minimum of
                            racial, religious, and political prejudices; must have a normal interest in the
                            history, culture, and mores of the countries with which he or she does
                            business, without "going native." (Keegan 1989, 709)

                              "In particular, the experience of different cultures and business practices

                       should give improved customer orientation and reduce psychic distance"

                       (Turnbull and Welham 1985, 34).  Broadbent (1993) agrees that as the demand

                       increases for quality work around the globe, cultural fluency skills will play a vital

                       role in the administrative capacity to work anywhere to meet those demands.

                       Skill 7. Ability to Communicate Clearly
                       With Others When English is Not Their
                       First Language

                            Successful firms in the global arena will be companies whose employees

                       "have the ability to communicate effectively with international counterparts"

                       (Smith and Steward 1995, 25). However, "most marketing executives who act in

                       the global marketplace tend to spend little time in any one market," which

                       "invariably causes them to use English as the key language in international

                       business" (Jeannet and Hennessey 1995, 252).  In a study of 407 European

                       export marketing practitioners, Turnbull and Welham (1985) found that "the

                       great majority of marketers are not technically fluent in languages other than

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