Page 36 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       English" (39).  Due to these types of communication settings around the world,

                       international marketing personnel "should have above-average ability to

                       communicate and patience in achieving understanding through communication

                       where English may not be the principal [sic] language and where only one-third

                       of a conversation may be understood" (Keegan 1989, 710).

                       Skill 8.  Ability to Speak a Foreign

                            The ability to speak the language of the foreign market or learn

                       conversational language can be extremely valuable to a firm because "language

                       skills may have a major effect on the atmosphere which characterizes [sic] the

                       relationship and the success with which social distance is reduced and trust

                       established" (Turnbull and Welham 1985, 38).  Marketers involved in the

                       international arena "should have sufficient language aptitude to carry on a

                       conversation in a foreign language after one hundred hours of training" (Keegan

                       1989, 710).  Language skills for the countries where business will be conducted

                       "provides insight into the social organization and values of those who speak it"

                       (Dahringer and Mühlbacher 1991, 179).

                       Skill 9.  Ability to Analyze Foreign
                       Market Shares

                            As the globalization of markets becomes a fundamental part of most

                       business organizations, the "marketing/finance interface will take on increasing

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