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                       importance as marketing success becomes intertwined with developments in

                       international finance" (Lazer et al. 1990, 227).  The ability to analyze existing

                       foreign market financial and share position with future expectations is an

                       essential skill in international marketing because it "is used to help determine

                       whether the firm should expand, contract, or eliminate operations in a particular

                       country" (Toyne and Walters 1993, 319).

                       Skill 10.  Ability to Assess Foreign
                       Market Legal Environment Implications

                            It is vital to develop the ability to analyze foreign market legal environments

                       because "there are as many different legal environments as there are countries,"

                       but there are, however, "legal problems common to most international marketing

                       transactions that must be given special attention" (Cateora 1993, 183).  Laws

                       "concerning pollution, consumer protection, and operator safety are being

                       enacted in many parts of the world" (Ball and McCulloch 1996, 485), which

                       impact ease of entry into foreign markets and costs.  Tax rates in various

                       countries influence "not only personnel and pricing decisions but even location

                       and investment decisions" (Dahringer and Mühlbacher 1991, 158), and have

                       tremendous impacts on the costs of doing business.

                       Skill 11.  Ability to Analyze
                       Import/Export Government
                       Regulations (Costs/Risks)

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