Page 39 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       changes require that the company "must have systems that enable it to react

                       quickly and intelligently to on-the-spot developments" (Kotler 1977, 73).

                       Appropriately developed international human resource tasks with an appropriate

                       organizational structure will grant the flexibility necessary to be globally


                       Skill 13.  Ability to Segment
                       International Markets

                            Companies are restructuring and continue to search for the best ways to

                       operate multinationally and, "as a result, niche marketing opportunities and new

                       ways of segmenting consumers are being looked at more and more" (Passerieu

                       1993, 51).  Market fragmentation requires that much more effort needs to be

                       dedicated to locating consumers and defining their needs, which makes niche

                       marketing a reality even for fairly large brands and services (Broadbent 1993).

                       According to Nachum (1994), some of the variables most commonly used for

                       purposes of country segmentation were found insignificant; therefore,

                       segmentation skills can simplify and reduce the costs of data collection.  It has

                       been found that "variables measuring consumption and production of energy,

                       and monetary situation were found to have strong explanatory value for variation

                       in import demand for industrial goods and raw materials" while "different

                       measures of income and stability of the currency were found to be most

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