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                       important for explaining the variation in import demand for consumer goods"

                       (Nachum 1994, 63).

                       Skill 14.  Ability to Evaluate the
                       Effectiveness of Your International
                       Marketing Activities

                            There was substantial literature which supported the need for skills in how

                       to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities, for global and domestic

                       operations.  Wilson (1972) pointed out that evaluation and monitoring systems

                       need to be built in, as part of the marketing strategy, to permit progress checks.

                       The use of a marketing audit gives the firm "valuable suggestions for increasing

                       its marketing effectiveness and efficiency" (Brown, Goedde, and Gist 1991, 57),

                       which Cram (1995) concurs will lead to higher performance.  The marketing

                       audit task includes "a prognosis of the organization's momentum relative to

                       changing (future) market conditions" (Mokwa 1986, 89), which is particularly

                       useful during times of rapid global change.  The marketing audit can also be a

                       useful tool to "develop mini marketing plans for each branch" (Terry 1995, 54),

                       which is of particular importance when multiple branches are located in different

                       global regions.  In summary, the use of an audit instrument is a suitable method

                       to "show executives how to tell whether an organization understands and

                       practices [international] marketing-and if so, how well" (Kotler 1977, 67).

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