Page 41 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       Skill 15.  Ability to Set Overall
                       Pricing for International Markets

                            The ability to develop effective pricing programs for product-line portfolios

                       is essential to superior performance because "pricing policy is an important

                       strategic and tactical competitive weapon that, in contrast with the other

                       elements of the international marketing mix, is highly controllable and

                       inexpensive to change and implement" (Toyne and Walters 1993, 485).  The

                       ability to develop effective pricing programs requires skills in the "pricing

                       concept, stressing value, market relationships, cost/price flexibility, and supply

                       implications" (Joseph 1977, 116).

                       Skill 16.  Ability to Forecast Profits
                       and Revenue Related to International

                            An important skill is to plan sales revenue around profits, with the objective

                       being "to plan product mixes, customer mixes, and marketing mixes to achieve

                       profitable volume and market shares at levels of risk that are acceptable" (Kotler

                       1977, 68).  The value of traditional financial data supplied by conventional

                       accounting systems "to identify responsiveness of profits to marketing effort is

                       severely limited" (Moss 1986, 101), therefore the ability to complete this type of

                       analysis can be extremely valuable.

                       Skill 17.  Ability to Use Appropriate
                       Trade Financing Programs

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