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                            According to Lazer et al. (1990), the emerging competitive global

                       environment requires that attention is given to minimizing marketing costs.

                       Tremendous cost savings opportunities exist by way of:

                           Resources readily available from sources external to the firm, such as the
                           information and consultative services of the major domestic banks involved
                           in the international arena.  This analysis of available resources should
                           therefore include considerations to how the firm can strategically take
                           advantage of resources that are not a direct cost to the organisation [sic].
                           (Darling 1985, 25)

                            The U.S. government has many agencies which play substantial roles in

                       international finance, by providing export loan guarantees, loaning funds to

                       foreign buyers, and providing insurance to protect against commercial and

                       political risks.  These trade financing programs "help make U.S. exports more

                       competitive internationally by decreasing the total price and improving the terms

                       of sale" (Dahringer and Mühlbacher 1991, 595).

                                                          Product Skills

                       Skill 18.  Ability to Assess
                       Suitability of Your Products
                       to Foreign Markets

                            The ability to analyze product and service alternatives is a vital skill

                       according to a 1992 survey of fifty Fortune 500 companies by International

                       Orientation Resources, because "ninety percent of the time, businesses select

                       employees for overseas assignments not for their cross-cultural fluency, but for

                       their technical expertise" (Solomon 1994, 51).  The "future consumers will be the

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