Page 45 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       example, by export, local assembly, or fully integrated production"

                       (MacCormack, Newman, and Rosenfield 1994, 69).  However, Ball and

                       McCulloch (1996) simplify the process into two means for supplying a foreign

                       market; exporting to it or manufacturing in it.  Skills in the area of international

                       market entry analyses are vital to the firm because the "decisions on [foreign]

                       market entry tend to be of medium- to long-term importance, leaving little room

                       for change once a commitment has been made" (Jeannet and Hennessey 1995,


                       Skill 21.  Ability to Select, Recruit,
                       Compensate, and Manage an
                       International Sales Force

                            Due to intensifying international competition and other factors, restructuring

                       is required which "imposes two major demands on corporations: accountability

                       for performance in order to survive and organizational flexibility to adapt to

                       chaotic change" (Halal 1994, 13).  The importance of employee performance

                       increases the need for "internal marketing, which involves the use of marketing

                       concepts to attract, prepare, motivate, and retain high-quality employees" (Berry,

                       Conant, and Parasuraman 1991, 260).  As competition continues to globalize,

                           Sales recruiters in foreign markets must be more sensitive to ethnic
                           segments, recognize the prominence of religion as an indicator of worth to
                           society, and be prepared for a tough battle to recruit highly educated
                           salespeople.  (Ingram and LaForge 1992, 297)

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