Page 47 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       promotional mix can be considered as "communication tools," according to

                       Toyne and Walters (1993), and, in most countries, the marketing of consumer

                       goods relies mostly upon advertising and sales promotions.  The ability to

                       develop an effective international promotional mix has become a necessity


                            The complexity of dealing simultaneously with a large number of different
                            customers in many countries, all speaking their own languages and subject
                            to their own cultural heritage, offers a real challenge to the international
                            marketer.  (Jeannet and Hennessey 1995, 536)

                       Skill 24.  Ability to Select
                       Appropriate International
                       Advertising Agency

                              The organization of a company's international advertising effort is "a

                       major concern for international marketing executives" (Jeannet and Hennessey

                       1995, 529).  The trend in the 1990s is for companies to "designate global

                       [advertising] agencies for product accounts in order to support the integration of

                       the marketing and advertising functions" (Keegan and Green 1997, 352).  A

                       number of alternatives are available, such as using a local domestic agency, a

                       company-owned agency, a multinational agency with local branches, or

                       individual agencies in each country; therefore the "task of selecting and

                       maintaining international advertising agencies is not easy" (Cateora 1993, 527).

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