Page 49 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                              The purpose of this study was to: (1) identify the skills needed to be

                       effective in international marketing; (2) identify the level of importance of each of

                       these skills; (3) identify the degree to which these skills are present in

                       employees of exporting companies; and (4) describe the gap between the skills

                       these employees have and the skills they need.

                                                          Kind of Design

                              This study used the descriptive design, as it was not intended to develop

                       or defend any particular hypothesis.  Descriptive research involves describing

                       "systematically the facts and characteristics of . . . [an] area of interest, factually

                       and accurately" (Isaac and Michael 1984, 46).  Furthermore, this study was

                       designed to question the current status of conventional wisdom concerning the

                       research subject, which is one of the primary purposes for descriptive research

                       according to Gay (1981).  To accomplish this purpose, assessments of expert

                       and practitioner opinions and perceptions were utilized to describe

                       systematically: (1) what skills are needed to be effective in international

                       marketing; (2) what level of importance is attached to these skills; (3) the

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