Page 50 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       degree to which these skills are present in employees of exporting companies;

                       and (4) the gap between the skills these employees have and the skills they


                              The conventional Delphi process was utilized as the method for data

                       collection to answer research questions one and two.  This process is defined as

                       "a combination of a polling procedure and a conference procedure" (Linstone

                       and Turoff 1975, 5).  The Delphi was considered appropriate because the

                       problem could benefit from subjective judgments on a collective basis from an

                       expert panel, and the panel members represented diverse backgrounds with

                       respect to expertise (Linstone and Turoff 1975).

                              This descriptive study also utilized a structured telephone questionnaire.

                       Rationale for use of the telephone survey was to increase the response rate.

                       Questionnaires mailed to the business community are commonly plagued by

                       small response rates, especially when responses may involve what may be

                       considered to be proprietary company knowledge.

                                                     Population and Sample

                              Two samples were selected for this study.  The first was an expert panel

                       which completed the tasks of: (1) identifying what skills are needed to be

                       effective in international marketing; and (2) attaching a level of importance to

                       each of these skills.  The second sample was international marketing

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