Page 51 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       practitioners who completed the task of identifying the degree to which these

                       skills were present in employees of exporting companies.

                              The panel was a nonprobability expert sample which had both applied

                       and theoretical expertise; that is, it was a mixture of accomplished international

                       marketing practitioners and academic international marketing experts.  The

                       rationale for using representation of practitioners and academicians was to

                       emphasize that a mixture of applied and theoretical expertise was sought.

                              To be included in this panel, practitioner members needed to meet the

                       following criteria:

                              1.  A minimum of ten years business experience in the international

                       marketing field; a minimum of ten years experience providing consulting services

                       relative to international marketing; or a minimum of ten years experience as a

                       combination of above

                              2.  Membership on the United States Southern California District Export

                       Council (DEC).  The DEC began in 1974 when "business and trade experts were

                       appointed" by the Secretary of Commerce (USDOC 1995a, 3).  The DEC

                       membership works alongside the U.S. Department of Commerce, International

                       Trade Administration, and consists of "the nation’s top private sector

                       representatives to advise exporters" (USDOC 1994, 2).  To become a member of

                       DEC, the expert must receive a nomination from the United States Secretary of

                       Commerce.  Membership in this group signifies expert status as "leaders whose

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