Page 52 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       knowledge of international business provide a source of professional advice to

                       companies seeking to expand international sales" (USDOC 1995a, 3)

                              3.  A willingness to participate in this study

                              To be included in this panel, academician members needed to meet the

                       following criteria:

                              1.  A minimum of ten years experience teaching international marketing at

                       the postsecondary level

                              2.  Having published in scholarly literature at least one article on a topic in

                       the field of international marketing

                              3.  A willingness to participate in this study

                              The size of the expert panel was thirty, which consisted of a minimum of

                       ten practitioners and ten academicians.  The stringent screening criteria for

                       expert panelists ensured that they were a proper representation of experts—this

                       controlled for external validity.  A snapshot of participant profiles is included in

                       appendix A.

                              The international marketing practitioner sample was made up of a

                       nonprobability purposive, stratified group, equal-size population.  The rationale

                       for using a purposive sample was that, in order to measure the degree to which

                       skills needed for effective international marketing were present in employees of

                       companies, it was necessary to choose from a sampling of companies which

                       were involved in exporting activities.  This ensured that the sample was involved

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