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                       Commerce Agency (1995), nearly equaled the volume of the second largest

                       exporting state (Texas $ 59.9 billion) in the nation.

                              3.  Companies must have been willing to participate in this study.

                              Research utilizing the Journal of Commerce’s Port Import Export

                       Reporting Service (PIERS) CD-ROM database (December 1995) resulted in the

                       identification of thirty-eight small businesses and thirty-eight medium-sized

                       businesses which potentially met the criteria standards.


                              This study required the use of Delphi Instruments, through three rounds.

                       The first was designed to identify what skills were needed to be effective in

                       international marketing (appendix B).  Content validity for this instrument was

                       begun through the use of an extensive review of the literature, by the author of

                       this study.  As rationale, this author has had eight years of experience, as an

                       international marketing practitioner, and five years of training in the field of

                       international marketing.  The literature review produced a list of twenty-four skills

                       needed to be effective in international marketing.  The round one Delphi

                       Instrument contained this list.  Six additional skills, considered by the author of

                       this study to be of controversial importance to international marketing

                       effectiveness, were added to the instrument, in an attempt to test the Delphi

                       panel regarding diversity of opinion and ability to move toward consensus.

                       Delphi panel participants were encouraged to add their own skills to the original

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