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                              The Practitioner Questionnaire collected data from the practitioner sample

                       (appendix E). This survey measured the degree to which employees possessed

                       each of the identified skills.  Ratings were based on an eight-point Likert scale,

                       where a rating of one represented "Do not possess," and a rating of eight

                       represented "strongly possess."

                              Directions for the Practitioner Questionnaire were worded in such a way

                       as to "avoid questions in which the respondent indicts himself/herself with a

                       negative response" (Cox 1995, 7).  The directions included the statement:

                           Multiple skills are involved in the international marketing process.  Because
                           of limited time and resources, employees within your firm probably possess
                           some but not all of these skills.  Your firm may contract out to obtain those
                           skills not possessed by employees (i.e., your foreign distributor possesses
                           the skill and performs the function on your firm's behalf).  Please indicate to
                           what degree employees within your firm personally possess these skills.
                           (See appendix E, Directions)

                              The Practitioner Questionnaire was pretested with a panel of experts to

                       establish content validity—make sure that that the instrument measured what it

                       purported to measure, in a clear and concise manner.

                                                   Data Collection Procedures

                              The expert panel completed three rounds of Delphi Instruments.  The

                       Delphi procedure focused on the tasks of: (1) identifying what skills are needed

                       to be effective in international marketing; and (2) attaching a level of importance

                       to each of these skills.  An extensive review of the literature produced an initial

                       list of skills needed to be effective in international marketing.  These skills were

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