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                       organized into five categories, which constituted skill clusters, to simplify the

                       task of Delphi response.  The first Delphi round was designed to obtain panel

                       additions to the skill list.  The second Delphi round asked participants to attach a

                       rating of importance to each.  The third Delphi round gave participants feedback

                       on other panelists’ ratings, and was designed to give them the opportunity to

                       modify their ratings.

                              Each of the Delphi Instruments was field-tested by a panel of experts on

                       two occasions, three days apart.  They were instructed of the purpose for the

                       field-test—that it measured response consistency.  This process established

                       instrument reliability over time.

                              The Delphi process was administered personally, by facsimile, electronic

                       mail, and by mail.  The first round of the Delphi process asked participants to

                       recommend skills for inclusion on the Delphi Instrument.  A cover letter with

                       specific instructions explained the following: (1) purpose of the research;

                       (2) data collection process; (3) use of the Likert scale; (4) confidentiality of

                       response; and (5) thanking them for their time, and offering to share study

                       findings with them.  Delphi round one took place personally at a quarterly District

                       Export Council (DEC) meeting, with all participants located in the same room.

                       The author of this study led a discussion to clarify uncertainties about the skill

                       list, and explain the data collection procedures.  Each participant indicated

                       whether he or she preferred to correspond via facsimile or via mail for Delphi

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