Page 58 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       rounds two and three.  Delphi round one was also administered electronically via

                       the Internet, utilizing GINLIST, the Global Interact Network mailing LIST, a

                       project of the Global Marketing Division of the American Marketing Association

                       and the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at

                       Michigan State University.

                              The second Delphi round was administered three months after round one.

                       This gave the author of this study sufficient time to edit and collapse, when

                       necessary, the additional skills supplied by the panel and incorporate them into

                       the round two Delphi Instrument.  It queried panel participants regarding degrees

                       of importance for each of the skills.  This round of the Delphi procedure was

                       administered via facsimile, electronic mail, or mail, according to participant

                       preference.  Round two Delphi Instrument instructions explained how to use the

                       Likert scale and assured participants of confidentiality.  A reminder letter was

                       faxed one and a half weeks after administration, and was followed by a

                       telephone call three days later to ensure a 100 percent response rate.

                              The third Delphi round was administered one month after round two.  This

                       gave the author of this study sufficient time to collect and assimilate responses

                       and administer the next round.  The third Delphi round provided feedback to

                       each participant.  Instructions explained that, for each skill, this Delphi

                       Instrument provided: (1) the mean rating from all panelists; (2) each panelist’s

                       individual rating; and (3) the innerquartile range.  Instrument instructions further

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