Page 59 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       explained that these data were provided in an effort to seek consensus ratings,

                       and asked participants if they wanted to change any of their ratings based on

                       this knowledge.  A reminder letter was faxed one and a half weeks after

                       administration, and was followed by a telephone call three days later to ensure a

                       100 percent response rate.

                              A structured telephone questionnaire, void of judgment during collection

                       procedures, was used for the practitioner sample. The type of telephone survey

                       used during this study was "akin to the live administration of a questionnaire"

                       (Popham 1993, 101); therefore, a check for interrater reliability was not

                       necessary—the administration did not involve judgment.  This questionnaire

                       measured the degree to which employees of the practitioner sample were

                       perceived to possess the identified skills.

                              Potential participants from the practitioner sample, having met the first

                       three selection criteria, were telephoned to determine their willingness to

                       participate in this study.  Those who expressed interest were sent or faxed a

                       copy of the Practitioner Questionnaire.  The author of this study administered the

                       telephone questionnaires over a period of one month, between the hours of 8:00

                       A.M. and 5:00 P.M.  This timeframe allowed for scheduling difficulties, which

                       were due to high levels of international travel—common to international

                       marketing practitioners.  The telephone questionnaire procedure required a

                       minimum response rate of 60 percent.

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