Page 60 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                                                        Statistical Analysis

                              Data were gathered from an expert panel to identify which skills are

                       needed for effective international marketing.  The initial list of skills, developed

                       through a review of the literature, was appended with skills recommended by the

                       panel, therefore, no statistical analysis was required.  The refined list of skills

                       answered research question number one.

                              Additional data were collected from the expert panel, during Delphi round

                       two, regarding the level of importance attached to each of the skills.  Ratings

                       were collected across an eight-point Likert scale.  During Delphi round three,

                       feedback was provided to participants regarding mean ratings and the

                       innerquartile range for each skill; participants then had the opportunity to modify

                       their original ratings.  A description of these data answered research question

                       number two.

                              Data were collected from international marketing practitioners regarding

                       the degree that employees possessed the identified skills.  Ratings were

                       collected across an eight-point Likert scale and answered research question

                       number three.

                              Data collected from the expert panel, which attached levels of importance

                       to each skill, were compared across data collected from practitioners, which

                       assessed the degree to which employees possessed these skills.  The priority

                       matrix structuring device (Harvey, Bearley, and Corkrum 1995) most logically

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