Page 61 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       displayed these data in a way that allowed the author of this study to prioritize

                       topical areas for training programs.  The priority matrix is illustrated in figure 1.

                                                                    Degree of Possession
                                                       Low                Medium                High
                                                1                   2                    4

                                          High       Areas of High
                                                     Training Need

                         Degree of              3                   5                    7

                                                6                   8                    9


                       Figure 1.  Priority Matrix Displaying Degree of Possession Across Degree of Importance to
                       Reveal Areas of High Training Need (shaded).

                              The priority matrix arranged the skills according to perceived levels of

                       importance, and compared them to perceived levels of possession.  Skills were

                       prioritized for training programs based on matrix results.  Top training priority

                       was placed on skills which were low possession and high importance, medium

                       possession and high importance, and low possession and medium importance.

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