Page 64 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                                                          Data Analysis

                       Needed Skills

                              The first research question of this study related to the identification of the

                       skills needed to be effective in international marketing.  An extensive review of

                       the literature produced an initial list of twenty-four skills.  These skills were

                       placed into one of five skill categories: (1) planning and operational skills;

                       (2) pricing skills; (3) product skills; (4) distribution skills; or (5) promotion skills.

                       The first round of the expert panel Delphi survey was designed to clarify each of

                       the skills on the original list, as well as obtain additions to the skill list.  The skills

                       that were added to the list are bolded in table 2.

                              The survey resulted in a total of sixty-six skills having been identified as

                       necessary for effective international marketing.  Planning and operational skills

                       were expanded in number from the original fourteen to twenty, while the list of

                       pricing skills was expanded from three skills to twelve.  The number of product

                       skills increased from two to eleven, distribution skills went from three to eleven,

                       and promotion skills went from two to twelve.

                       Importance of Skills

                              The second research question of this study related to the identification of

                       the level of importance of each of the skills.  An expert panel, through three

                       rounds of Delphi surveys, attached importance ratings for each of the skills

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