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                                         Table 2.  List of Necessary International Marketing Skills

                        No.                                        Skill

                        Planning and Operational Skills
                          1.       Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your international marketing activities
                          2.       Write and implement an international marketing plan
                          3.       Assess foreign market size and potential
                          4.       Conduct a global competitive analysis
                          5.       Utilize electronic/library information sources and computer applications
                          6.       Develop insights concerning foreign customer buying/technical decision-making
                          7.       Assess international marketing training needs
                          8.       Adapt to foreign business practices, cultural differences, and protocol
                          9        Communicate clearly with others when English is not their first language
                        10.    Speak a foreign language
                        11.    Analyze market share within specific foreign territories
                        12.    Assess foreign market legal environment implications
                        13.    Analyze import/export government regulations (costs/risks)
                        14.    Segment international markets
                        15.    Distinguish between global and multinational marketing strategies
                        16.    React to market opportunities quicker than competitors
                        17.    Plan overseas market visits/tours/itineraries
                        18.    Analyze key facts regarding political/economic/historic/cultural trends of a
                        19.    Develop profit repatriation plans
                        20.    Analyze human resources tasks and design appropriate organizational structure

                          Pricing Skills
                        21.    Evaluate and select international pricing strategies
                        22.    Forecast profit contributions and revenue related to international markets
                        23.    Evaluate and select appropriate international payment methods (TT, L/C, D/A,
                               D/P, Open Account, Countertrade, Off-set)
                        24.    Evaluate and select appropriate trade financing programs (EXIM, SBA, CEFO, credit
                        25.    Develop international quotations using a variety of INCOTERMS and foreign
                        26.    Understand differences between full cost and incremental cost
                        27.    Analyze and manage "gray market" activity
                        28.    Utilize the most effective transfer pricing practices
                        29.    Negotiate effectively in a multicultural setting
                        30.    Determine costs associated with overseas customs  duties and regulations
                        31.    Assess U.S. and foreign tax incentives  (e.g., foreign sales corporations)
                        32.    Identify and adjust for customer service costs

                          Product Skills
                        33.    Assess suitability of your products to foreign markets
                        34.    Determine appropriateness of product adaptation versus standardization (e.g.,
                               use local language on product packaging)
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