Page 7 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
P. 7


                              A deep thanks goes first to my wife, Cindy, and my daughter, Katie, who

                       supported me during times of mental and physical intensity.  The support I

                       received at home was a vital element, and motivation, to allow me to succeed.

                              This study was conducted with the support and participation of an expert

                       panel of international marketing academics and practitioners.  Without their

                       participation, this study would not have been possible.  Special thanks goes to

                       Mr. Michael Granat, Chairman of the Southern California District Export Council,

                       whose advocacy of this study secured the participation of practitioner expert

                       opinions.  Special thanks also goes to Tunga Kiyak, Administrator of GINLIST,

                       the Global Interact Network List of the Center for International Business

                       Education and Research at Michigan State University, whose advocacy of this

                       study secured the participation of academic expert opinions.

                              I would like to thank Tom Harvey for his dedication to excellence in

                       instruction, his inspiration, and his ability to challenge me to further knowledge.

                       Thanks also goes to Helena Czepiec, for international marketing expertise and

                       her journalistic style, and Linda Umbdenstock, for sharing her expertise in

                       evaluation and technical writing style.

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