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                       identified.  Ratings were collected across an eight-point Likert scale where 1 =

                       "not important," and 8 = "very important."  The results are presented in table 3,

                       with importance ratings rounded to the nearest whole number.

                              Delphi third-round importance rating means, collected across an eight-

                       point Likert scale where 1 = "not important" and 8 = "very important," indicated

                       that, of the sixty-six skills, two skills or 3 percent were rated 8, twenty-three skills

                       or 35 percent were rated 7, twenty-three skills or 35 percent were rated 6,

                       seventeen skills or 26 percent were rated 5, and one skill or 1 percent was rated

                       4 (see table 3).

                              Skills rated by the expert panel as being the ten most and ten least

                       important are detailed in table 4.  Whether or not consensus was reached by the

                       expert panel is noted.  Consensus was considered to have been reached if the

                       innerquartile range difference for round three was zero or one (see table 3).

                       Please note that the original skill numbers are used, as in table 2.

                              Of the sixty-six skills, the ten rated as having the highest importance were

                       evenly spread among planning and operational skills (three), pricing skills (two),

                       product skills (two), distribution skills (two), and promotion skills (one).

                       Consensus was achieved relative to all ten of the skills rated as having the

                       highest importance.  The ten skills rated as having the lowest importance were

                       concentrated in the categories of promotional skills (four), and planning and

                       operational skills (three).  Consensus was achieved on only five of the ten skills

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