Page 71 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       rated as having the lowest importance.  The category of promotional skills

                       contained one of the top ten and four of the bottom ten importance ratings.

                                     Table 4.  Most and Least Important International Marketing Skills
                                                                             Mean    Consensus     Category

                       Skills With Highest Importance Ratings
                       33.  Assess suitability of your product to foreign markets  8    Yes           R
                         8.  Adapt to foreign business practices, cultural     8        Yes           O
                          differences, and protocol
                       29.  Negotiate effectively in a multicultural setting   7        Yes            P
                       52.  Identify, evaluate, qualify and select foreign     7        Yes           D
                         9.  Communicate clearly with others when English is not  7     Yes           O
                          their first language
                       63.  Develop promotional/presentation materials/product  7       Yes           M
                       34.  Determine appropriateness of product adaptation    7        Yes           R
                          versus standardization (e.g., use local language on
                          product packaging)
                         3.  Assess foreign market size and potential          7        Yes           O
                       44.  Evaluate and select appropriate foreign market entry  7     Yes           D
                       21.  Evaluate and select international pricing strategies  7     Yes            P
                       Skills With Lowest Importance Ratings

                       19.  Develop profit repatriation plans                  5        Yes           O
                       10.  Speak a foreign language                           5        Yes           O
                       49.  Deal with foreign customs brokers/clearing agents  5        No            D
                       47.  Develop just-in-time/kanban inventory systems      5        Yes           D
                       59.  Evaluate and select appropriate public/governmental  5      Yes           M
                          relations specialists
                       36.  Review various classification numbering systems    5        Yes           R
                          (e.g., SIC, HTS, SITC)
                       60.  Evaluate and select appropriate internet marketing  5       No            M
                          service providers
                       15.  Distinguish between global and multinational       5        No            O
                          marketing strategies
                       55.  Evaluate and select appropriate direct mail company  5      No            M
                       58.  Evaluate and select appropriate telemarketing      4        No            M
                       Note:  N=28;  O=Planning and Operational Skills; P=Pricing Skills; R=Product Skills;
                       D=Distribution Skills; M=Promotion Skills.
                                                        © 1998 Ralph Jagodka
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