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                              Table 7.  International Marketing Skills Most and Least Possessed by Employees

                                                                                   Possession      Skill
                                                  Skill                              Rating     Category
                        Highest Possession Ratings
                        23.  Evaluate and select appropriate international payment      7           P
                            methods (TT, L/C, D/A, D/P, Open Account, Countertrade,
                        40.  Identify "what you are selling"                            7           R
                        46.  Evaluate and select a freight forwarder                    7           D
                        33.  Assess suitability of your product to foreign markets      6           R
                        30.  Determine costs associated with overseas customs duties    6           P
                            and regulations
                        17.  Plan overseas market visits/tours/itineraries              6           O
                        52.  Identify, evaluate, qualify and select foreign             6           D
                        21.  Evaluate and select international pricing strategies       6           P
                        37.  Review packaging, packing, and labeling  requirements      6           R
                        50.  Effectively obtain export licenses                         6           D

                        Lowest Possession Ratings
                        64.  Appropriately utilize U.S. State and Federal export        4           M
                            promotion programs
                        36.  Review various classification numbering systems (e.g.,     4           R
                            SIC, HTS, SITC)
                          7.  Assess international marketing training needs             4           O
                        12.  Assess foreign market legal environment implications       4           O
                          4.  Conduct a global competitive analysis                     4           O
                        66.  Explore other promotional alternatives that may be         4           M
                            characteristic of given country
                        57.  Evaluate and select appropriate international advertising  4           M
                        27.  Analyze and manage "gray market" activity                  4           P
                        59.  Evaluate and select appropriate public/governmental        4           M
                            relations specialists
                        58.  Evaluate and select appropriate telemarketing organization  3          M

                       Note:  N=43;  O=Planning and Operational Skills; P=Pricing Skills; R=Product Skills;
                       D=Distribution Skills; M=Promotion Skills.

                       Training Gap

                              The last research question dealt with the identification of the extent of gap

                       between the skills employees in exporting companies have and the skills

                       identified by a panel of experts as necessary to be effective in international

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