Page 87 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                              Of the twenty-three skills placed in priority matrix cell 2, seven came from

                       the category of planning and operational skills, and six came from the category

                       of promotion skills.  The remaining skills were somewhat evenly spread among

                       the categories of product (four skills), pricing (three) and distribution (three).

                              One skill fell into cell 3 of the priority matrix, and is detailed in table 10.

                       Please note that the original skill numbers are used, as in table 2.

                                         Table 10.  Skill Which Fell Into Priority Matrix Cell Three
                                               (Low Possession and Medium Importance)

                       Skill Placed in Cell Three                                        Category        TPT
                       58.  Evaluate and select appropriate telemarketing organization  Promotion         67
                       Note:  TPT = Training Priority Total (Based on table 8).

                              The only skill to be placed in training priority matrix cell three fell within

                       the category of promotion skills.  A total of twenty-four skills was placed into cell

                       1, 2, or 3 in the priority matrix; based on this analysis, these areas are

                       considered to be high training needs.

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