Page 88 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                                   SUMMARY, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS


                              Chapter VI presents a summary of this study including the purpose,

                       research methodologies and major findings.  Based on these findings,

                       conclusions are drawn relative to international marketing skill-based training

                       programs for small and medium actively exporting companies.

                       Recommendations are also given for further research.

                                                      Summary of the Study

                       The Problem

                              International marketing permeates all aspects of daily life.  The shoes one

                       wears may come from Brazil, stockings from China, and trousers from Taiwan.

                       Consequently, international marketing skills are important for every company,

                       whether or not it is currently involved in exporting activities (Buzzell and Quelch

                       1987).  According to Busche and Bergerud (1990), Scott (1989), and Graham

                       and Grønhaug (1989), international marketing is the top priority for international

                       business training.  However, these studies do not establish the specific skills

                       needed for effective international marketing.  The studies also do not convey

                       consensus about the importance of these skills.  Unless we identify the skills

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