Page 89 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       needed and the extent to which they are possessed by international marketers, it

                       will be impossible to develop appropriate training programs.

                       Purpose of the Study

                              The primary purpose of this study was to answer four research questions:

                       (1) What does a panel of experts identify as being needed to be effective in

                       international marketing?  (2) What level of importance does a panel of experts

                       attach to each of the identified skills?  (3) To what degree do employees in

                       exporting companies perceive they have these skills?  and (4) What is the extent

                       of gap between the skills employees in exporting companies have and the skills

                       identified by a panel of experts as being needed to be effective in international



                              To identify the important skills, data were collected through a Delphi

                       panel of thirty participants who had applied and theoretical international

                       marketing expertise.  The panel consisted of academic and practitioner experts.

                       The Delphi process was well suited to identify skills needed for effective

                       international marketing and to build consensus regarding the importance ratings

                       for each skill.

                              To identify the possession of skills within industry, seventy small and

                       medium-sized exporting companies were surveyed.  Companies with an annual

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