Page 9 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                              International marketing skills are important ingredients for every company,

                       therefore it is vital to identify which skills are needed.  After searching the

                       literature, there seemed to be no studies regarding identification of the specific

                       skills needed to be effective in international marketing.  Three studies (Busche

                       and Bergerud 1990; Scott 1989; and Graham and Grønhaug 1989) were

                       completed, however, to determine the general perceptions of business people

                       regarding their need for international trade training.  Each of these studies

                       concluded that international marketing was the number one priority area for

                       international business training.

                              A study was completed by Busche and Bergerud (1990) who found that

                       nearly 77 percent of the respondents supported a need for international training.

                       Marketing was the area identified by nearly 64 percent as a potential problem

                       area.  Respondents showed a special interest in international marketing with a

                       highly perceived need for training in six topics: (1) research on foreign markets;

                       (2) working through agents and distributors; (3) export marketing know-how;

                       (4) how to find international opportunities; (5) developing an international

                       business plan; and (6) cultural aspects of sales to foreign consumers.  These

                       topics were mixtures of both skill sets and areas for knowledge acquisition, yet

                       clearly identified the general area of international marketing as a priority.

                              Another study concurred with the identification of international marketing

                       as a topic deserving training priority.  Scott (1989) found that 84 percent of the

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