Page 90 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       export sales volume of between $500,000 and $50 million were questioned

                       regarding the degree to which they perceived that employees possessed the

                       skills identified through the Delphi process.

                              The extent to which the skills were possessed was compared to the

                       degree to which the skills were considered important.  The priority matrix

                       structuring device (Harvey, Bearley, and Corkrum 1995) displayed these data in

                       a way that allowed skill-based areas for training programs to be prioritized.

                       Major Findings

                              The Delphi panel members identified sixty-six skills as being needed for

                       effective international marketing; they reached consensus on fifty-six skills

                       relative to importance.  These sixty-six skills were classified into five general

                       categories: (1) planning and operational skills; (2) pricing skills; (3) promotional

                       skills; (4) product skills; and (5) distribution skills.

                              The Delphi panel determined that the ten most important skills were:

                       (1) assess suitability of your product to foreign markets; (2) adapt to foreign

                       business practices, cultural differences, and protocol; (3) negotiate effectively in

                       a multicultural setting; (4) identify, evaluate, qualify and select foreign

                       distributors/agents/EMC/ETC; (5) communicate clearly with others when English

                       is not their first language; (6) develop promotional/presentation

                       materials/product literature; (7) determine appropriateness of product adaptation

                       versus standardization (e.g., use local language on product packaging);

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